Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve and Cousins

 Early Christmas Eve morning, we headed down to Glennville.  We wanted to go early this year so we could get back home and enjoy the Christmas Eve excitement with the kids.  We had a great meal at Jennifer's house and then opened gifts. 
The kids had a great time playing, then we had a surprise visit from more cousins- Madeline, Parker, and Cooper. Braden and Ella do not get to play with these cousins much, but boy they all had a great time. I wish they could play more often. They played tag, jumped on the trampoline, went for rides on the golf cart, and played chase the puppy!!  It was great to watch them have so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.
 Playing tag with the cousins!
 They froze long enough for me to take a picture! :)
 Ella and Cooper waiting patiently for their turn on the trampoline.
Ella trying to tie Cooper's shoe. (She cannot even tie her own! HA! HA!)

Then we got home about 8:30 and the kids quickly got their showers.  Then it was time to checking where Santa was on the computer, putting out cookies and reindeer food, and off to bed. 

Then, Santa finally came!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Ballerina

Last Friday night, Ella had her dance recital. This year she was moved up to the older group and she did so well. She was even on the end so she lead the group in their circle and then lead everyone back to their spots! I was so proud of her! She absolutely LoVeS dance and I LoVe watching her!!

 My pretty girl!

 Ella and her Maka!

 Dancing to the Pinata song!

 We bought Ella a bear instead of flowers since flowers give her the hives!!
 Daddy and his kiddos!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Fun Has Begun!!

 Last weekend, we went to the Lake Club for their annual Santa visit.  It is a long wait, but it is oh so worth it! He is an absolute great Santa.  He talks with each child for a few minutes and it really sweet!  The kids have  a blast.  Braden was no so sure he wanted to sit on his lap, but he changed his mind.  He thinks his elf is going to get the list to santa, so he is not worried about telling Santa what is on his list!!! Here are some picture from that night.

My sassy girl!!!

Our elf, Single, has returned!! This year he is definitely finding strange hiding places.  His favorite is to hang upside down anywhere he can!! :)

Then today, I let the kids decorate a gingerbread house.  They always enjoy doing this.  I just LoVe this time of the year!!!! Seeing all this through the eyes of a child is such a wonderful blessing!!!