Thursday, December 29, 2011

Puppy Love

The kids have been wanting an inside dog for awhile, and I would have to say that I have been wanting one too.  So, when Ella put a puppy on her santa list, we agreed to it.  Marc had to take a little more convincing, but he finally agreed.  We lost Katie, our chocolate lab a few weeks ago (she was 14), so the timing was good. 

Christmas morning, when the kids awoke, there was a new puppy in the house.  Braden was the first one up and I was sleeping on the couch with the puppy so her whinning did not wake the kids.  I think Braden was a little shocked that there really was a puppy.  A little later, I put Sophie in the bed with Ella, and at first Ella was trying to push her away since she did not know what was licking her. When she realized it was a puppy, it was priceless.  She immediately sat up, and in a high pitched voice, very sweetly said "My puppy!"  It was so sweet!! 

Ella said that she wanted a Yorkie, but she got a miniature poodle.  The kids named her Sophie Kate.  I would have to say that she is a really good puppy.  She is doing well with potty training, and she always had someone to play with.  I think a little more than she wants at times, but at least she sleeps well at night!! :) And I must add that I love having a puppy in the house!! I miss my two poodles we had growing up, and Sophie reminds me of them so much!!  She is really loved by all- even Marc, who says that he cannot believe that he has a foofy dog named Sophie!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 2011

I cannot believe that it has been a month since my last post.  We have been really busy, and I just cannot seem to find the time to blog! So, here comes picture and information overload.......

We started the month with going to the pumpkin patch with Ella's class.  She has such a sweet group of friends at her new school and they all get along so good together. 

Next, I took Ella to see Disney on Ice! This was the first time she had gone and she loved it! Especially the snow cones and the cotton candy!!  Give that child some food and she is good. 

Then, Braden received an award at school for making High Honors for the first nine weeks of school! We are soooo proud of him.  He LoVeS school and tries very hard to please.  He does not like to make anything less than an A!! And my Ella is doing well in school also. She is quickly learning her sight words and is beginning to read! She loves her teacher and plays teacher everynight after school!! It is funny to listen to all the things that she says...I can tell who gets in trouble at school and the sweet little things that her teacher says to them!!!

Next, we had character dress up day at the kids's school.  Braden was Robin Hood and Ella was a cat from If you Give a Cat a Cupcake. They were mighty cute if I say so myself.

Finally, we celebrated Braden's 9th birthday!! I cannot believe that he is 9! I still remember the day we brought him home from the hospital! :(  We celebrated Braden's 9th birthday with his classmates and cousins at the local movie theatre.  They watched Spooky Buddies.  Braden decided that he wanted to collect donations for the Oconee regional Humane Society instead of gifts.  Together with his friends, he collected $140.00 for them! He was very proud of that! He cannot wait to go get some pet beds and things for local animals in the shelter. A sweet, teacher friend I used to teach with made the awesome goodie bag toppers, cupcake toppers, invitations, and water bottle labels for Braden's party! She also made the goodie bag toppers for Ella to give to her friends in her class!  She is just great!!

 We had a great time celebrating Braden's birthday with our cousins Emma and J.P.!!

 And finally, trick or treating at Reynolds Landing.  It is definitely not what we are used took us 2 hours to go to 18 houses.  It takes forever when you have to drive house to house....but it was fun!!! :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can you believe.....

that within the last two weeks, my little girl has lost BOTH of her front teeth.  I do not do well with losing teeth.  I just LOVE baby teeth. They are so straight and perfect.  Ella has lost her two bottom teeth, and the last Friday, she lost her first top tooth.  It had just been hanging there for a few days because I would not let her pull it out.  She is also a little squeemish when it comes to blood, so she was ok with that.  Then Monday morning as she was brushing her teeth, the other top tooth started to bleed.  I knew it would not be long.....and sure enough she came home from school with her tooth in a ziplock bag! :(  So, i guess my little girl will be asking for her two front teeth for Christmas this year! She is growing up too fast!!
My Toothless Wonder!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Open House and the First Day of School

Wednesday was Open House for Braden and Ella at their new school. They were both very excited! I think they are going to have a great year. They both have wonderful, caring teachers.

Ella before going into her Kindergarten classroom!!

 Checking out the different centers.
 The kids were so easy to get ready on the first day! Fortunately, I was able to take them. I just love their new uniforms.  At least I can get away with "matching" them and they cannot complain! :) 

Ella loved her new "big girl" backpack.  But, of course, her new shoes had rubbed a blister on her heal before she ever even made it to her classroom. So, her first day of school she spent "shoeless". At least she had a very sweet teacher that allowed that to happen.  Maka did save the day by bringing her Keds, but they still hurt her feet.  I won't make her wear those again!! :) They both had a AwEsOmE first day and couldn't wait to go back! Braden even wanted me to "teach him" over the weekend.  I guess there are some benefits to him being in the same grade I teach!! :) I am excited for all the good things this school year will bring to my sweet babies!!  

Marc giving her a "pep talk"- probably not to talk to the boys! HA!HA!

I did good this year dropping off my baby in Kindergarten. (much
better than last year)  I think I did ok because Marc was with me to keep my mind off of it and I was more worried that she was going to be miserable all day with the blister on her foot. All in all, her day was great and I survived her first day of kindergarten! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time Flies

I cannot believe that a week from today, I will have a Kindergartener and 3rd grader. Not only do I not want summer to end, I don't want my kiddos to go to school.  Why? Because they are growing up too fast. They are going to a new school this year and I know they are going to LoVe it!!

The last few weeks of summer the kids have enjoyed a few weeks of camp.  Ella at dance camp and Braden at golf camp.  Of course, my camera decided to act funny for Ella's dance camp pictures, so I did not get any good ones of her.   We also had some company stay with us for a weekend and we all had a blast. (that post will come next)

 Golf Camp 2011

And yesterday, my sweet, handsome boy became even more so!!  He is growing up way to fast and he now has braces.  It is just too cute or what????


We LoVe you Braden and Ella.  Please stop growing up so fast!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What we have been up to???

It has definitely been a crazy few weeks.  We have gone from boxing up one house to unboxing in our new house.  We are pretty much settled now and loving our new home.  Our evening view of the pond while we eat dinner if definitely my favorite.  In between boxing and unboxing, we have had time for some summer fun. 
Ella keeping busy while she was waiting for firworks at the Ritz. Ipad, iphone, and ear protectors.  What more could a girl want???
Going down the waterslide at the Lake Club.
Ella ready to ride the "ski jets" as she calls them.

Riding on the ski jet with Papa.
 Getting ready to watch fireworks at Great Waters.  Ella is well prepared with her ear protectors!!  She is still a little afraid of loud noises. 

Next week, Braden is going to golf camp and then Ella has dance camp.  Summer, please slow down, just a little!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time

Well, this summer has definitely been busy and has gone by rather quick.  I cannot believe that it will soon be July. 
We have been busy with days at the pool, play dates with friends, movies, Braves games, VBS, and cleaning out.
Eating cotton candy at the Braves game.
Tomahawk Choppin'
VBS at church

We are getting ready to move. We have lived in this house for almost 7 years. I cannot believe it! We are not going far, but we are doing what we feel is best for our children. They will be going to a new school next year, and in order to go there, we have to move. So we will be in our new house July 1st!!! The last part of our summer will be just as busy as the first, but we are excitied about all the new opportunities our family will have in our new house.