Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow 2011

Yes....it has snowed here in Georgia.  It has even stayed on the ground for two days now.  The kids have been out of school for two days and they still have the day off  tomorrow.  They have had a ball playing in the snow, or should I say ice!!!  You could not even build a snowman because the snow did not pack.  Next time I get to Missouri, I need to get a sled since it seems we are getting more and more snow each year. They don't sell sleds in Georgia!! We have to improvise. 
Getting ready to go outside!!

 Katie has to follow the kids where ever they go!  She was freezing to death, but she hung with them.  She would even stand on three feet and just shake! Poor thing!!
Katie thought the snow was for eating!
I am supposed to report at 10 am tomorrow- if I can get there that is! There is still lots of slush on the roads and it is supposed to get into the 20's tonight.  I alreasy hit a deer with my car Friday morning on the way to school, so I really do not want more damage. 

It has been hard keeping these kids busy.....especially since we could not go ANYWHERE.  But, I love these unexpected breaks and making fun memories with my kids!!