Monday, August 31, 2009

Braves and Beginning A New School Year

It has been a busy few weeks and I cannot believe it has been this long since I made a blog entry. I was not feeling real well last week and then trying to get ready to start school today took up a lot of my time. So, here it goes... Last Sunday, we all took Braden and Ella to a Braves game. It was awesome. The seats were great- in the shade and it was a cool day to begin with. Braden did not move for the first hour, which is quite unlike him. He just sat there and took it all in. He was ready to catch a foul ball with his glove on one hand and eating cotton candy in the other. Ella was an absolute hoot. She figured out how to do the tomahawk chop. The minute she would hear the music, chopping she would go!!! The fun part about Sunday games it that the kids get to run the bases after the game is over. Mom got some great shots with her camera. They are supposed to be 4 to run, but they let Ella go. She followed Braden the whole way, then we see her bend down to touch the base. Well, her brother, trying to be helpful, said "Make sure you touch the base Ella." So, she did! She reached down and touched the base. Gotta love kids.

The rest of the week I spent just trying to feel better. Just let me give you one piece of advice... if a doctor tells you to take Tamaflu.....don't..... unless you are already throwing up because if you are not, you will be.........

Today, was my first day back to school. I really am having to remind myself of the poem on my grandma Smith had on her wall that I used to read over and over and had no idea what I was reading.......

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

I really need to remind my self of this this week and for the next few to come. We have moved into a different building and they had to do major renovations. Well, my room is not ready yet and I am hoping by Wednesday it will be. I am really going to have to get used to a classroom with no window, smaller than my room used to be, very little storage, and more students....... I will just keep saying my prayer over and over...... I just like to be over prepared and I will be starting this year quite under prepared, but I will make it!!!

Here is a video of Ella doing the Tomahawk Chop! Sorry, could not figure out how to turn it correctly!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Fun

Last weekend we had a great time at several fun-filled family events. These family fun times are the best part of summer. First, we took Braden out to dinner for his first day of school. We let him pick his favorite restaurant. Then on Saturday, we went to a ragatta. At the ragatta, several businesses around our area built cardboard boats and then raced them in a lake. It was fun to see which ones would float and which ones sank! Then from there we went to see a Rodeo. This was the first time the kids have seen horses this close. We watched several young children barrel race. The kids both then exclaimed, "I want a horse for Christmas." Well, that could be a problem.........since we do not live on a farm!! HA!

Then, on Sunday, we finally got a chance to take the kids out on the pontoon and try out the new tube. This tube was awesome! It definitely is not like the tubes we rode on as a kid!! This tube had two seats which had backs and all. The kids sat in these seats and they would just ride. It was definitely a lot of fun. I was not sure if Ella would ride or not, but after 3 hours, we had to make her get off. She is definitely a second child, she has to do what her brother does. Braden, at her age, would have never done this!!!!

This weekend I also became a aunt again. Jason Paul, J.P., was born on Monday morning. He weighed 7 lbs and was 19 inches long. He is a cute baby, from what I have seen from pictures. He looks just like Jason to me with the red/blonde Strickland hair. We are going this weekend to see them. I cannot wait!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our First Grader

Today was Braden's first day of First Grade. He had a great time and was so excited. As usual when something exciting is going on, Braden had a hard time going to sleep and then was up bright and early this morning. He said he had a great day and that he wanted to stay all day! Braden just LOVES school. When I asked him what his favorite part was he said "when we made a project." That is definitely right up his alley- he loves projects. His teacher got a little carried away and forgot that they were actually getting out of schol at 11:45. I cannot say I ever forgot to let my kids go home! HA! That just says she was having a great time with the kids!

Last night was Open House and Braden was ready to go to school right then. He was excited to see all his friends and he seems to have a great class. Iam looking forward to this year, I think it is going to be a great one. The best part is that I feel like I get to be a "real mom" for a few weeks. I get to take Braden to school and pick him up everyday until I start school! I am so excited about that!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Tooth Fairy and Back to School

The tooth fairy has been busy at our house lately. Braden lost one of his front teeth when he was three and we had a 'fake tooth' put in there at the suggestion of the dentist. They took the tooth out last October when he lost his other front tooth. We have been patiently waiting for his new front teeth to come in, but they have not. When we went to the dentist last month, she said that he needed to loose the teeth beside the front teeth, so that the new teeth would have room. Well, yesterday, he finally lost his other tooth in the car on the way home from Athens. So Braden has three gaps in the front of his mouth. Talk about toothless. Yesterday he told me he just wanted to eat Chicken Noodle Soup until all his teeth came in. So, the tooth fairy came last night with a dollar and a 50 cent piece. When I was little, we got Susan B. Anthony dollars. I hope the tooth fairy can find those things........they were great!

Braden is getting ready for his first day of first grade. We went shopping on Monday to get the last few things for school. This year he has to wear a uniform which consists of a collered shirt and solid colored pants/shorts. Braden is excited to start school. For once, he really cares about what he wears. I can usually pick out his clothes and he will just put them on. At the mall, he wanted to pick out his shirts and shorts. He even wanted to try everything on!!! My baby is growing up.

His teacher this year, Ms. Joan, called tonight to say he would be in her class. His kindergarten teacher is teaching a K-5/1st grade mixed class this year, so Braden wanted her again, but I am delighted that he got Mrs. Joan. Tomorrow is a parent meeting and Thursday is Open House. I pray this year will be a great year and that Braden will continue to be a sweet, caring little boy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disney World

We had an awesome time on our trip! The kids did great on the car ride on the way down. When we got there it was raining and we went to Downtown Disney. The kids wanted to eat at T-Rex. The food was excellent but the restaurant was real LOUD, but it was an unique experience. Then we shopped a little and then headed back to the resort.

We spent the next two days at the Magic Kingdom. It was Braden's first time riding a roller coaster and I was not sure if he was going to like them or not, but he absolutely loved them. He even rode Big Thunder Mountain 3 times. Ella loved the tea cups, Peter Pan, and the carousel. I think she liked getting the characters' autographs the most!!

This trip was definitely a learning experience. We learned to take long sleeves for the cold bus rides and ponchos for the unexpected Florida afternoon thunderstorms. Next time, we will be more prepared.

The kids loved their character meals. Ella was so excited to eat with Cinderella. When she saw her in the parade, she even yelled, "I'm coming to eat!" Next time though, I would do a breakfast or lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table. We did a dinner and it was more a show with the fairy godmother than with the princesses. Again, a learning experience, but she had a blast.

Braden ate at Chef Mickey's and it was awesome! He got to have five characters sign his book and get his picture made with them. All the characters loved his autograph book. Minnie even handed back the pen we gave her, closed the book, and looked through it page by page, and then gave me a thumbs up!!

The last day we went to Sea World and the kids really liked the shows. One word of advice, in the Shamu show, the soak section really means "SOAK". I thought we would just get a little wet- boy, I was wrong! The resort we stayed at had a great pool for the kids. It had a big slide for Braden and a little one for Ella. I think she went down the slide more than 100 times!

It was a blast and I cannot wait to go back!!!!