Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can you believe.....

that within the last two weeks, my little girl has lost BOTH of her front teeth.  I do not do well with losing teeth.  I just LOVE baby teeth. They are so straight and perfect.  Ella has lost her two bottom teeth, and the last Friday, she lost her first top tooth.  It had just been hanging there for a few days because I would not let her pull it out.  She is also a little squeemish when it comes to blood, so she was ok with that.  Then Monday morning as she was brushing her teeth, the other top tooth started to bleed.  I knew it would not be long.....and sure enough she came home from school with her tooth in a ziplock bag! :(  So, i guess my little girl will be asking for her two front teeth for Christmas this year! She is growing up too fast!!
My Toothless Wonder!!!