Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time Flies

I cannot believe that a week from today, I will have a Kindergartener and 3rd grader. Not only do I not want summer to end, I don't want my kiddos to go to school.  Why? Because they are growing up too fast. They are going to a new school this year and I know they are going to LoVe it!!

The last few weeks of summer the kids have enjoyed a few weeks of camp.  Ella at dance camp and Braden at golf camp.  Of course, my camera decided to act funny for Ella's dance camp pictures, so I did not get any good ones of her.   We also had some company stay with us for a weekend and we all had a blast. (that post will come next)

 Golf Camp 2011

And yesterday, my sweet, handsome boy became even more so!!  He is growing up way to fast and he now has braces.  It is just too cute or what????


We LoVe you Braden and Ella.  Please stop growing up so fast!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What we have been up to???

It has definitely been a crazy few weeks.  We have gone from boxing up one house to unboxing in our new house.  We are pretty much settled now and loving our new home.  Our evening view of the pond while we eat dinner if definitely my favorite.  In between boxing and unboxing, we have had time for some summer fun. 
Ella keeping busy while she was waiting for firworks at the Ritz. Ipad, iphone, and ear protectors.  What more could a girl want???
Going down the waterslide at the Lake Club.
Ella ready to ride the "ski jets" as she calls them.

Riding on the ski jet with Papa.
 Getting ready to watch fireworks at Great Waters.  Ella is well prepared with her ear protectors!!  She is still a little afraid of loud noises. 

Next week, Braden is going to golf camp and then Ella has dance camp.  Summer, please slow down, just a little!!!