Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ella's 1st Tooth

Yesterday was an exciting day for Ella, but a sad day for me! She lost her first tooth.  Her bottom tooth has been lose for awhile, but she would not let us pull it out! So,yesterday morning, it fell out during breakfast and she did not even know.  She did not notice until she was brushing her teeth.  Ella told her daddy that she thought she ate a bad Rice Krispie so she threw it on the floor! Yep, the bad Rice Krispie was her tooth!! We will not forget this day because yesterday would have been Ella's greatgrandma's birthday.

 They say girls loose teeth earlier than boys, but I was not quite ready for this yet!! I do not want "my baby" to grow up. I just want her to stay a baby forever!!!


I knew this day was coming, so I took a one last picture before she lost her tooth. 

Now, here she is.....minus one tooth!